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It's all relative

April 2011


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Apr. 10th, 2021

The Woman Behind Project J.E.N.I.

I am a graduate student and a Master of Liberal Arts candidate at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.  I am interested folklore and gender studies.  In particular, I am studying the interaction of women in online gaming environments and in fandom.

Apr. 10th, 2011

Slash Fandom Questionnaire

This study is the culmination of my graduate sociology class in the Spring of 2011.  During the course of this project, and with your help, I hope to answer questions that pertain to female productions of fandom.  Why do women (particularly those who identify as having strong emotional connections to certain fictions) write, read, roleplay, examine, view and discuss slash?  What is the draw for women to create works of fiction based around the lives and exploits of male characters that engage in same sex relationships?  Can this draw be considered a cultural expression of female fandom or is it simply an interest in fictionalized gender swapping?

Thank you for your help in completing this research project on slash fanfiction, roleplay, and gender association.  All participants must be eighteen years or older for legal reasons, regardless of country of origin.  Participation in this project is completely voluntary.

 There is no word or character limit for answers to these questions.  Please feel free to modify or expand upon them as needed.  Should any question make you feel uncomfortable or if you object to answering a particular question, you may opt to skip it.

Participants may reply here (you may also select to post anonymously or screened so that only I may see your replies), iby PM or you may PM me for my email.

Deadline: April 23, 2011


Section One: General Fandom
1How did you become interested in fandom (generic)?
2. How many years have you participated in fandom (generic)?
3. What fandoms do you consider yourself to be a part of currently?
4. What fandoms have you participated in previously?
5.Do you believe that there are risks (personally or professionally) of participation in fandom?
6How do you feel about censorship in fandom of any sort?  Explain
7. Have you or has a group or website you participate in ever gotten censored.  Explain if yes.
8.  When did you first ‘discover’ slash fandom and what was your experience with it?
9.  Do you enjoy slash fan fiction, fan art, or roleplay? (If no, please elaborate and continue to section three.  If yes, continue with section two  before moving onto section three.)


Section Two: Slash Fandom
1. How many years have you participated in slash fandom (creating fiction or art, consuming fiction or art, roleplay, etc)?
2.  What fandoms do you slash?
3. Do you create or consume other genres of fandom such as femme slash or gen/het fan fiction?
Where do you publish your own fandom creations or go to view those of others (example, livejournal, fanfiction.net, deviantart, zines, email, etc)?
5. Do you belong to any slash specific communities?  If so, where did you hear about them?
6. Do you feel slash fandom centers around pornography?  Elaborate.
7. Do your friends and family know about your enjoyment and participation in slash fandom?
8. Do you believe that there are risks (personally or professionally) to reading, writing, creating or viewing slash?
Addendum Questions:
9. Why are you drawn to portraying male characters in fanfiction or through roleplay?
10. Do you create or enjoy fan-made stories with strong female leading characters?  Why or why not?

Section Three: Personal Questions
1.  How old are you (18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+)
2.  What is your sex?
3.  Do you identify as male or female gendered (regardless of your physical sex)?
4.  What is your sexual orientation?
5.   Do you identify as a feminist?
6.  What is your highest level of schooling (degree)?
7.   What is your marital/relationship status?
8.  Do you have children?  What are their ages?
9.  What is your gross annual income?
10.  What country do you live in?
11. What is your occupation?
12.  How do you feel about pornography?  Explain.

((Disclaimer:  This questionnaire is a modified version constructed by Kelly Simca Boyd for her 2001 Master's Thesis: . “One Index Finger on the Mouse Scroll Bar and the Other on my Clit: Slash Writers' Views on Pornography, Censorship, Feminism and Risk.” Simon Fraser University Institutional Repository.))

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